Child Myopia Report

‘The Australia and New Zealand Child Myopia Report – A Focus on Future Management’ brings together the latest evidence-based data to better understand this looming public health issue facing Australian children. #ChildMyopiaReport

Key statistics

  • 76% of parents of children under 12 years old believe being prescribed glasses is the best course of action if a primary school-age child is diagnosed with myopia. In fact, there are many treatment options that should be discussed when managing myopia.
  • Almost half (49%) of Australian parents of children aged 17 years and under admit they do not know what causes myopia.
  • Only 12% of parents know of the lifestyle factors that have an impact on child myopia (low levels of outdoor activity, low levels of light exposure, prolonged near tasks such as reading and gaming on portable devices).
  • 31% of Australian kids (17 years and under) have never been to an optometrist to have an eye examination.
  • 44% of children have not been to an optometrist to have an eye examination before their ninth birthday.
What is myopia control?

Myopia Control are measures to slow down the progression of myopia/short-sightedness.

Do ordinary glasses help slow down myopia?

No. Research shows only specific lens designs are effective in slowing down myopia.

What are the different types of myopia control?

– Specialty Glasses: Multifocals, Bifocals, and Peripheral Defocus Lenses
– Contact Lenses: Daily Disposables, Orthokeratology, Multifocal contact lenses
– Prescription Eye Drops

How effective is myopia control?

Depending on the myopia control measure and the individual patient, myopia can be slowed down from 11% to 100%.

Who can I see to start myopia control?

At Eyecare Plus Corrimal, our optometrists Yang Wang and Roland Mak are both therapeutically qualified and experienced in the assessment of children’s vision and prescribing of all forms of myopia control options.

Myopia Control Clinic

See our children’s vision optometrists Yang Wang and Roland Mak for a comprehensive consultation on myopia control.