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Our Technology
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Diagnostic Technology

Eye Pressure • Glaucoma

iCare Tonometer

Fast, non-invasive measurement of eye pressure, without the discomfort of an air puff.

Diabetes • Macular Degeneration • Glaucoma

Non-Mydriatic Anterior & Retinal Scan

Allows documentation and monitoring of ocular diseases; copies of each scan can be sent electronically to patients or their doctors on request.

Children’s Vision • Binocular Vision

Medmont Acuity Chart

Our digital acuity chart includes multiple formats (letters, numbers, figures) to allow accurate eye testing for all ages and non-verbal patients. Random letter generation prevents chart memorisation.

Nerve-related visual disorders • Glaucoma

FDT Visual Field

Allows early detection and monitoring of central and peripheral vision loss due to ocular disease, including glaucoma.

Premium Lens Technologies
Premium Lens Technologies

We supply the latest lens coatings, designs and materials.


See in-store for more details.  Available for Nike, Flexon and selected brands.

Clinical Tools

We have the tools and expertise to treat a wide range of eye conditions

Chronic Dry Eye

TearSTIM IRPL Treatment

A single course of four intense regulated pulsed light technology (IRPL) treatments with TearSTIM can provide effects lasting from 6 months to 3 years. Find out more on our dry eye clinic page.

Chronic Dry Eye • Blepharitis


An in-office treatment for dry eye syndrome and blepharitis. Find out more on our dry eye clinic page.

Chronic Dry Eye • Meibomian Gland Dysfunction


An in-office treatment for dry eye syndrome and MGD. Find out more on our dry eye clinic page.

Foreign Body Removal • Rust Ring Removal

Algerbrush & Foreign Body Removal Tools

With our training in foreign body removal and previous experience in regional NSW mining towns, we have the expertise to remove most minor embedded foreign bodies from the eye.

Myopia Control • Chronic Dry Eye

Specialty Contact Lenses

Our range of specialty contact lenses include bandage contact lenses, multifocal lenses, myopia control lenses, keratoconic lenses, and lenses for chronic dry eye.

Binocular Vision • Vision Therapy • Vision Training

Stereoscopes & Aperture Rules

We have the equipment and expertise to conduct in-office visual therapy for binocular vision problems that can affect academic performance. Such problems may include convergence insufficiency, decompensating eye turns, and accommodative infacility.

Look Your Best & See Your Best
Look Your Best & See Your Best

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