Did You Know? (Ingrown Eyelashes)

At Eyecare Plus Corrimal we routinely remove ingrown eyelashes.  These can cause severe eye pain as they regrow every 4-8 weeks.

The process of removing them is simple and effective, giving instant pain relief.  The advantage of having them removed by an optometrist is we can not only remove the offending eyelashes, but surrounding ones which may be about to cause irritation in the short term.  This is because our slit lamp microscopes allow up to 400x magnification, and we use precision tools to remove the ingrown eyelashes.

We can organize a referral to oculoplastic surgeons in Wollongong for an opinion on laser removal of the offending eyelashes.

Please call 0242840604  to book a same-day appointment for ingrown eyelash removal during business hours.

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