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The importance of eye safety can never be over-estimated, accounting for 20-25 percent of all work-related injuries. Good vision and clarity is imperative in quality of life and performance at work. It’s estimated that 51% of all workers across Australia and NZ will one day require vision correction; many will go unchecked or undiagnosed dismissing it as a case of ageing. The reality is, as we age, many of us today are putting ourselves and others in potential danger because of undiagnosed visual problems.

As employers we are responsible to the well-being of our employees (‘Work Health and Safety Act 2011’ in Australia; ‘Health and Safety at Work Act 2015’ in New Zealand), and the need to be proactive in identifying potential hazards and protecting them before they become a statistic. Blunt force trauma from flying debris, heat from a furnace and even dust can all cause serious injury such as punctures, abrasions, contusions and even greater the loss of sight. It is imperative that the correct choice in Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) is made as almost all fatalities could have been preventable with the correct PPE.

April 2007 saw the introduction of AS/ANZS 1337.6 to Australian and New Zealand standards. An addition to standard AS/ANZS 1337.1 Personal Eye Protection, 1337.6 is the strict standard for Prescription Eye Protectors against Low and Medium impact. One of the strictest standards in the world, it specifies the testing procedures, frame dimensions, impact requirements, frame and lens markings needed to identify manufacturer and importantly the necessary documentation outlining compliance of the completed safety frame.

At Eyecare Plus Corrimal we are proud to offer you the premier choice in prescription safety eyewear, certified to AS/ANZS 1337.6 from PSG (Prescription Safety Glasses Pty Ltd). Having established themselves 2006, PSG is a renowned supplier in this field as a manufacturer who has in place a verifiable impact and Quality Assurance testing program, and has received all required accreditation. All PSG safety glasses are custom-made to the wearer’s individual requirements and are accompanied by individual accreditation to the AS/NZ 1337.6 standard.

If you have employees performing any of the following tasks: sawing, chipping, grinding, drilling, sanding, welding, buffing, handling chemicals, casting, machining, working in dusty conditions or any other similar tasks with a risk of fragments or particles flying and impacting the eye, then a safety eyewear program with PSG Safety Eyewear is vital for everyone’s protection.

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