Presbyopia is a gradual loss in the focusing ability (accommodation) of the eye and is part of the normal vision changes we all experience as we age.

This condition is caused by a natural hardening of the eye lens, so that by the early 40’s it does not respond as well to the muscles intended to change the focus of the eye.

As a result people in this age group start to have difficulty with near tasks like reading small print, threading a needle, etc.. This is especially true at the end of the day when lighting levels are poorer and the individual is more likely to be tired.  Often this may also be associated with frontal headaches and pain around the eyebrows.

There are a wide range of correction choices including reading, extended focus, progressive, and contact lenses.

Some patients are afraid of getting their first pair of reading glasses because they feel they will start to rely on them more and more, weakening their eyes at the same time.  Because presbyopia is a natural aging process that will happen in the background regardless of wearing and non-wearing of glasses; it often does more harm than good to postpone an eye exam and delay being fitted with the right pair of glasses for reading.

Our optometrist Yang and our optical dispensers Birgit and Hong can discuss the latest advances in lens technologies that will suit your work and lifestyle best.