Varilux X Multifocal Design

Try the NEW Varilux X Multifocal Lens Design

Nanoptix Technology reduces swim effect by 90%.

Xtend technology optimizes three targets for one gaze direction.

Varilux X series introduces a new reference criterion: volume of vision. This volume of vision provides dynamic vision in a sphere at arm’s length. This pioneering approach to near vision is a revolution in lens conception and is made possible by the new Xtend technology. This technology manages multiple targets for the same gaze direction and delivers the highest match with wearer’s visual needs within arm’s reach. Through Xtend technology, Varilux researchers have completely re-shaped a specific zone: the Arm’s Length Vision zone (ALV).  Click here to read more about the technology behind the design.

Wearers can seamlessly capture every detail within arm’s reach, and beyond. No need to hunt for the sweet spot in the lens.

Have your eyes checked with our optometrists Roland and Yang, and speak with our expert dispensers Birgit and Hong to discuss whether the Varilux® X series™ is right for your visual needs.