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Comprehensive Eye Testing in Corrimal, a short drive from Mount Ousley

At Eyecare Plus Corrimal, we offer a wide selection of glasses and lenses to suit your work and lifestyle.  As an independent optometry practice, we are able to source of lenses from multiple suppliers and prescribe specialty glasses lenses that provide you with a tailored solution for your needs.  Our practice is less than 15 minutes’ drive away from Mount Ousley.

What specialty spectacle lenses can we provide?

  • For those who are after a standard pair of reading glasses, at Eyecare Plus Corrimal we can offer a range of coatings and high definition designs to suit your needs.

For example, for an avid reader who also uses a tablet and has trouble with glare, we may offer a variety of anti-glare coatings according to their needs.

  • Besides providing traditional reading glasses, at Eyecare Plus Corrimal we can supply extended reading glasses that can provide clear vision to a distance of your choice.

For example, for a consultant who would like to read clearly and see their clients sitting on the other side of their desk; we can supply a tailor-made pair of extended reading glasses that can extend their range of clear vision to 1.5 metres.

  • For those who want an everyday pair of glasses for all distances, we can prescribe you with a tailormade pair of multifocals, backed by our 100% Multifocal Satisfaction Guarantee
    multifocal comfort guarantee

Our expertise and access to a range of lens technologies allow us to fully customize your next set of reading glasses to suit your personal requirements.

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