Dry Eye Clinic at Eyecare Plus Corrimal

Initial Consult

We recommend an initial consultation to assess the type and severity of your dry eye. We look for deficiencies in your tear film and related eye conditions including blepharitis and meibomian gland dysfunction.

Formulating a Dry Eye Plan

We aim to create a dry eye plan to provide long-term baseline relief of symptoms, and tell you how to control flare-ups. This may include eye drops, wipes, compresses, supplements, medications and/or in-office treatments.

In-office Treatments

We offer in-office dry eye treatments including TearSTIM IPL, Blephex and Blephasteam. Not all types of dry eyes are suitable for these treatments so we can advise you during our initial consult whether they’ll be beneficial to you.

Long-term Followup

Dry Eye can be a life-long condition, and some treatments may work well initially but become insufficient. We provide long-term advice to form a dry eye plan that changes with your dry eye needs over time.

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TearSTIM IPL Dry Eye Treatment

TearSTIM is a device based on intense regulated pulsed light technology (IRPL). It emits painless light pulses below the eye, stimulating the release of neurotransmitters. These neurotransmitters stimulate the secretion of the meibomian glands, restoring the quality of the gland secretion, along with stabilising the lipid layer of the tear film.

With the patient sitting comfortably in a chair, the optometrist simply covers the patients’ eyes with protector shells and applies a special gel. A series of light pulses are then aimed at the area below the eyes, before being repeated in the same way on the other eye.

The initial treatment requires 4 sessions (Day 0, 15, 45, 75) for effects to last 6 months up to 3 years, usually in conjunction with Blephasteam with lid expression. For long-term efficacy, we may recommend an annual booster session, in the form of a single treatment.

Blephasteam for meibomian gland dysfunction

Blephasteam is a safe and painless way to relieve symptoms associated with Meibomian Gland Dysfunction. Blephasteam maintains the perfect therapeutic temperature and environment to melt the thickened secretions with our Meibomian glands, allow for effective in-office eyelid expression by our optometrists after each session. The result is better production of oils required for high quality tears, and improved dry eye symptoms.

Blephasteam treatments are $50 per session, and we may recommend 1-2 sessions initially. Each session takes 20 minutes and includes manual eyelid expression to clear the Meibomian glands.

BlephEx for blepharitis

BlephEx is a safe, painless and fast way to effectively clean and exfoliate your eyelids and eyelashes; an important part of the management of Blepharitis. This in-office procedure completely removes the exotoxin-laden biofilm along the eyelid margin. This biofilm is responsible for the majority of inflammatory blepharitis, a primary cause of chronic dry eye.

The cleaning agent used during the BlephEx procedure contains tea tree oil and coconut oil to act as a natural, effective way of removing the biofilm. BlephEx treatments are currently $50 per session. Each session takes around 15 minutes.

Manuka Honey Optimel Products

Manuka honey’s active ingredient helps to stabilise eye health by creating a microenvironment on the ocular surface, preventing further damage and limiting bacterial growth.

Please note, application of Optimel to the eye is expected to produce some initial stinging and redness due to it’s low PH, but with repeated use the discomfort will likely reduce.

The Optimel eyelid cream has proven to be an excellent for mild flare-ups of periorbital inflammation of the skin, reducing the need for more powerful prescription ointments & creams.

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Causes of Dry Eye

Many factors contribute to dry eye, including medications, procedures such as LASIK and cataract surgeries, allergies, air conditioning, heating, environment, trauma, MGD, blepharitis, styes, ingrown eyelashes, contact lens wear and much more. Each factor may also contribute to symptoms in different amounts.

Goals of Dry Eye Management

The main goal of dry eye management is to minimize the burden of dry eye, with a plan developed together with you that suits your lifestyle, environment and personal preferences.

This can involve combining treatments for long-term prevention, short-term relief, and managing flare-ups.

Management of Flare-Ups

Although a long-term plan may control dry eye symptoms most of the time, certain triggers can produce a flare-up of symptoms.

As part of our dry eye plan, we will discuss what to do when you experience flare-ups, which may include prescription eyedrops and/or in-office treatments.

When will I get relief?

Each dry eye treatment has an onset and duration of action. For example, lubricating drops work quickly and last for minutes-hours, Blephasteam sessions work quickly and last for months, while IPL treatment works slowly and may last 1-3 years. We take these different time-frames in consideration when forming your dry eye plan.